Dr. Shujaat Ali Quadri is Ph.D in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is well-known die-hard Sufi by Faith. His idea of mainstreaming of Muslim youth/students, denouncement of Extremism and the working for development of Islamic Society stand him high on social platforms. Shujaat, Engineer by profession is always available for the cause and his commitments. His recent activities were emphasized in Indian and International Media. He is the deputy director of Indo Islamic Heritage center and National Chairman of Muslim Students Organisation of India. He is also associated with several think tanks and writing column in media on regular basis.


Organiser of about 1000+ Seminars/ Symposiums across India He organised more than 1000 programs on the issues/cause/workings. That covered

  • Mainstreaming of Indian Muslim Youth

    Upliftment in the Employment, Education & Social schèmes sector

    Supporting Sufism as core ideology of Islam

    Supporting Palestine & Uyghur Cause.

Voicing the Community Cause

  • Planning, Drafting and Executing the idea of development of Society Organising the event for the awareness on the Social, Political, Economical, Geopolitical and Stretagic issues
  • Training the MSO and other students and Youth organisation for mainstreaming
  • Raising supports from Dargaahas, Clergies for the Social cause.
  • Country Visited: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Nepal, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Türkiye, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, South Korea & Qatar